Storage Shed - 12’ x 16’

    Pergola - 10’ x 10’








Q: Why would I want to consider a timber frame structure over a standard method of construction?

A: A timber frame should be chosen because it is simply beautiful, adds character, and is impressive in scale. The natural wood creates a feeling of warmth and richness that no other material can match.


Q: I want a pergola for my backyard but how do I know what size would be best?

A: I am a firm believer that bigger is better (and in most cases it's true). However, a frame needs to fit the atmosphere it's being added into. A large area requires a large frame to be impressive, yet in smaller areas, a smaller frame does more for giving a cozy seating area. The size of timbers also play an important role. A large frame looks best with large heavy timbers, but smaller frames look best with smaller sized timbers. Another factor that dictates size is whether the site is accessible for large, heavy beams and machinery if necessary. There are many things to consider, but that is where I can help. Through my knowledge of structure, proportion and wood species, I can ensure my customers receive a pergola that suits their style, blends with their landscape and enhances their outdoor living space.


Q: Will my timbers crack?

A: The simple answer is yes. It's a fact that all wood shrinks as it dries resulting in cracks. It is nothing to be concerned about as it has little effect on the strength of heavy timbers. It also can be an attractive feature of the timbers adding much character. The amount and size of the cracks depend heavily on which type of wood is used and the conditions that it dries in.


Q: What wood is best for me?

A: This is a personal choice best made on many factors. Look, strength, and durability are all important factors in this decision. There is a natural inherent bragging right to a white oak frame, yet a knotty pine frame gives a pleasant warm feeling. When strength is a major factor, stronger hard woods can be used. Durability is probably the most important decision. Depending on if a frame is going to be left to weather naturally or be stained will depend on which type of wood is best used. I want to make sure the design and planning process is enjoyable and can help in this decision.


Q: Will my timbers stay bright and colorful?

A: No, all timbers will weather over time if left natural. At first they will be bright, shiny and look beautiful. They could be kept at this stage by oiling or staining with routine maintenance. If a weathered look is desired, then only time is needed. A few years of sun and rain will transform new timbers into a beautiful silver grey color.


Q: Are timber frames strong or just decoration?

A: Mankind has been building with timbers for thousands of years. There are structures that are several hundred years old still intact and in use today. They are incredibly strong, appreciated for their decorative qualities and are sure to last many generations.


Q: What holds the timbers together?

A: Mortise and tenon joints are cut in the timbers to allow one timber to penetrate the other. Wooden pegs are then driven through that joint in pre-drilled holes to prevent the joint from separating again.


Q: Are timber frames ecologically friendly?

A: Absolutely, our timbers are selectively harvested from local forests. Unlike 2x4 companies, our timbers do not come from massive clear-cuts, or travel thousands of kilometers to arrive here. Much of our timbers are harvested from man planted plantations where thinning is required.

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