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Mike PowellCommunication. It's all about creating a precise message to reach the audience you need to reach most effectively. It's not just about precision though. It's also about inspiration. The ability to take that message and create art for the masses. Designs for the people.

At FlatCat we pride ourselves with being able to break down a communications objective super fast, and create something that's targeted, attention-getting and extremely effective. It's about the wow factor the audience sees and/or hears when they receive your message.

We specialize in multiple platforms of media communications, from briefs to finished product. We like to work together with our clients to achieve optimal results, and it shows...


Working with quite a few clients over the past years, we end up taking care of many of their communications needs. We've been constantly challenged in the quest to use the right tools to express their messages to the right target audience. Each experience is unique, and has allowed us to expand our arsenal to include quite a range of assets for our clients to take advantage of.

Our Communications Services

A lot of the artwork that you see in our portfolio section was completely coordinated by FlatCat. In addition to design and mechanical artwork for our creations, we also offer verious types of creative, from concept to taglines and headlines to creative ad copy. Have a look in our portfolio section, and if you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask.

  • website design and creation
  • CD and Website Packages for musicians
  • a complete line of print services, including brochures, annual reports, flyers, booklets, etc.
  • complete advertising and radio campaigns
  • logo and corporate identity and much, much more... just ask!



FlatCat Sound and Vision

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